Working with Read the Docs


  1. Create a new branch for your project on Github.
  2. On the Versions tab of RTD, activate the new version (synced from Github).
  3. Build the new version.

Multi-language for Localization

Step 1 Create Translatable Files

Run $ sphinx-build -b gettext . _build/gettext in the source/ directory to create pot files.

Step 2 Translate Text from Source Language

  1. Run $ pip install-intl to install the sphinx-intl tool.
  2. Run $ sphinx-intl update -p _build/gettext -l ja_JP to generate a directory structure like below:
├── ja_JP
│       └── index.po

Then open those .po files with a text editor and translate the content in the msgstr argument.

Step 3 Build the Documentation in Target Language

#. Run $ sphinx-build -b html -D language=ja_JP . _build/html/ja_JP to build the documentation in Japanese. #.